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  國際業務部的律師均畢業于國外知名法學院,并具有多年國內、外執業經驗,能夠熟練運用中文、英文和日文作為工作語言。 國際業務部長期與多國律師事務所保持著良好的合作關系,對國際貿易法律體制有準確的把握,能夠為客戶提供一體化、全方位的法律服務。

  Our lawyers of International Business Department have graduated from prestigious law schools abroad and have practiced in leading international and domestic law firms. All of our lawyers are successful practitioners in their fields with extensive practice experience and in-depth knowledge of the clients’ business with fluent Mandarin, English and Japanese. We have good working relationships with a number of major local law firms abroad and as such are able to provide a seamless and full range of legal services to our clients.

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